Free Online College Courses

We know what you must be thinking, "There's no such thing as free." But there is. There are hundreds of free courses that anyone can take without ever filling out an admissions application or without paying a dollar; and many of them are from reputable universities like MIT, Tufts, and Yale. 



  • Calculus I: An introduction to integral and differential calculus.
  • Linear Algebra: Everything from matrix theory to linear equations in algebra.
  • Math Everywhere: Learning to recognize math in every day life, and how to deal with it.
  • Differential Equations: Presentation of basic linear differential equations.
  • Prices: An overview of the different ways to compare prices.

Computer Science

Language Arts

Additional Resources

Free online college courses are a great way to start your education without any pressure or putting down a lot of money! So take advantage of these options available to you.

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